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An Unnecessarily Long List of My Personal Pet Peeves

In no particular order 😊

  1. People who don't say thank you when you hold the door for them.

  2. People who see you coming and don't hold the door for you.

  3. Being interrupted when saying something important.

  4. When you forget something you were about to say and someone says "it probably wasn't important then."

  5. Someone asking you a question and then not listening to your answer.

  6. Having to repeat yourself more than twice for no reason.

  7. People who stay glued to their phones during quality time.

  8. Pen tapping.

  9. Saying something and being dismissed, but then hearing someone else say the same thing and suddenly it's the next great revelation.

  10. Starting a casual conversation with the question "what do you want to talk about?"

  11. People making comments about how unhealthy something is when you're already eating it.

  12. People who act like it's the end of the world when you don't like their favorite food.

  13. People who act like it's the end of the world when you haven't seen their favorite movie.

  14. Baby talk.

  15. People telling you you're wrong when you state facts about yourself.

  16. People who insist you have to belong to a different race.

  17. People who gossip to you about people they know you're close to.

  18. Obnoxious burping.

  19. People who put trash in trashcans that are already full.

  20. Men who give women gingerly handshakes.

  21. People who adultify their kids.

  22. Being stared at.

  23. People who don't move forward when there's a gap in the line.

  24. People who cut in front of you in line.

  25. Bad spelling & grammar. (WOMAN ≠ WOMEN, LORD JEEZ!!)

  26. iPhone autocorrecting perfect English for no reason.

  27. Not being able to find the right emoji or GIF.

  28. When people text you to ask if they can call you.

  29. People who wear sunglasses indoors for no reason.

  30. The word "funky."

  31. Tardiness.

  32. Mansplaining.

  33. Being honked at in the car.

  34. Cars that block the crosswalk.

  35. People moving your things without asking nor telling you where they are.

  36. People who enter your room without knocking.

  37. People who leave lights on in rooms they're not using.

  38. People who leave your room without shutting the door.

  39. Being in an introverted mood and forced to do extrovert things.

  40. Being in an extroverted mood and forced to do introvert things.

  41. People who spell your name wrong in emails as if your name weren't spelled correctly in the original email.

  42. Ghosting.

  43. People who don't cover their mouths when they cough.

  44. People who say bless you every time a person sneezes, even if it's 5 times in a row.

  45. A third party answering a question that was directed towards you or the person you're actually talking to.

  46. People who feel the need to point out when your shoe is untied.

  47. Grown men with ridiculous nicknames.

  48. Men who don't take rejection the first time.

  49. Unsolicited penis images.

  50. Not being greeted by the literal ~customer greeter~ when I walk into a store.

  51. Being redirected to the women's section when I'm deliberately shopping for men's clothes.

  52. Men who send their friends to talk to you instead of doing it themselves.

  53. People who say "obviously" about things that aren't obvious.

  54. People who say they were just about to do something when you already beat them to it.

  55. Litter.

  56. Plaque.

  57. People who look at what's on your phone or computer.

  58. People who push you at a club or in a common space when there was enough room to go around.

  59. People who walk between you and the people you're obviously with for no reason.

  60. Large groups of people who take up the whole sidewalk.

  61. People who walk slowly even though they know you're behind them.

  62. People who don't understand personal space.

  63. People who say "that's not always true" when you're clearly stating an opinion.

  64. When people try to whisper in your ear but it just sounds like saliva.

  65. When people try to talk to you in environments where it's obviously too loud.

  66. Sitting somewhere someone else was sitting and feeling the warmth of their butt print.

  67. Walking outside and feeling a random drop of water on your head.

  68. When you already pushed the elevator button but someone pushes it again “to make sure.”

  69. People who say racism doesn’t exist.

  70. People who say climate change doesn't exist.

  71. Bad commercials.

  72. When people don’t push in their chairs.

  73. Automatic toilets.

  74. When people call your name loudly in public places.

...Which ones did I miss? 😭

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