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A Long List of Little Things I Love About Life

  1. Knowing all the words to your favorite song.

  2. When someone sees you dancing to the music in your headphones and decides to dance with you.

  3. Throwbacks.

  4. When someone asks "how are you" and really wants to know the answer.

  5. Random compliments or hype-ups from strangers.

  6. When someone says they miss you.

  7. When someone says they appreciate you or something you did.

  8. The way a blanket feels when you take it out of the dryer.

  9. Things with your name on it.

  10. Getting picked up from the airport.

  11. Pretty views.

  12. Stars.

  13. When a kid waves or smiles at you.

  14. The way babies sound when they giggle.

  15. Spiritual awareness.

  16. Vivid dreams.

  17. When you hug someone and they squeeze extra tight.

  18. Walking past someone who smells really good.

  19. When you take a picture of someone and they genuinely like the way it comes out.

  20. When you ask someone to take a picture of you and they take a bunch until you have some you like.

  21. Dad jokes.

  22. Making people laugh.

  23. Reunions.

  24. Trees.

  25. Finding someone who has an unusual thing in common with you.

  26. The smell of fresh bread.

  27. The pop when you twist open a can of biscuits.

  28. Fresh snowfall.

  29. Fresh fruit.

  30. When you get your hair done and you actually like how it comes out.

  31. When you get your nails done and they're just the right length.

  32. When your makeup comes out exactly the way you envisioned it (on the first try).

  33. Crushed ice.

  34. Outfits that make you feel confident.

  35. Vintage.

  36. Heirlooms.

  37. The smoothness of your legs right after a shave.

  38. People who get excited when you share good news.

  39. Catharsis after a good cry.

  40. The feeling you get after you finish a workout.

  41. Anything with a smiley face on it.

  42. Stuffed animals.

  43. Fuzzy slippers.

  44. When you get something other than your regular order and it's actually just as good.

  45. When you order food and they give you extra for free.

  46. Cooking yourself a good meal.

  47. Familiar meals cooked by family.

  48. When packages arrive.

  49. Board games.

  50. Completing difficult tasks.

  51. Interesting debates.

  52. Talking to someone without realizing how much time is passing.

  53. Showers.

  54. Bubbles.

  55. Spending the day without checking your phone.

  56. An empty email inbox.

  57. Good luck.

  58. Good movies.

  59. Movie theaters.

  60. The smell of a new book and the way it feels to turn the pages.

  61. The sound of gentle rain.

  62. Swimming.

  63. Gummy bears.

  64. Not having to sit next to anyone on an airplane.

  65. Coloring.

  66. Pictures actually printed out.

  67. Positive stories in the news.

  68. Colors.

  69. 😉

  70. Cute animals.

  71. People who don't judge you even when you feel embarrassed.

  72. Cocoa butter.

  73. Milk and cookies.

  74. Meaningful gifts.

  75. Spurts of creative energy.

  76. Sleeping in your own bed.

  77. Riding through a car wash.

  78. Crisp dollar bills.

  79. When someone remembers your name or something random about you.

  80. Finding bottoms that fit just right.

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