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5 More Random Facts About Me 😎

No one asked for these but some day they’ll come out in my Hot Ones interview 😉 (Sean Evans, holla at me!)

1. I’m actually kinda clumsy!

It’s definitely karma because I used to be so coordinated. I’d always make fun of my sister for tripping over stuff or hitting her head on things, yet here I am fumbling and bumbling left and right.

2. I’m totally an introvert.

Most people assume the opposite. As much as I enjoy things like performing and going to parties, I get more energy from being by myself. Meeting new people actually makes me kinda nervous, and I’d usually prefer to do something alone than to be in situations where I feel forced to make disingenuous conversation or navigate awkward social dynamics. When I’m solo, I can think and be a bit more mindful of my surroundings.

3. I went to an all-girls boarding school.

No, it was not because I was misbehaved 😅 (and no, it wasn't actually anything like Zoey 101). The school had a great curriculum, exciting traditions, and unique opportunities to get work experience at a young age. There were ups and downs like everything else, but the experience I had there shaped a lot of who I am today.

4. I love corny jokes!

I mean, right?! Granted this one could be better but it makes a cute GIF.

5. I don’t have any piercings or tattoos.

As far as piercings, my mom didn’t pierce my ears when I was a baby, and I was (and still am!) too scared of needles to do it when I became old enough to decide for myself. Now, I’m just at the point where I’ve spent so much time without them that I don’t necessarily feel the need. Plus, it’s cool to be a little different in that way 🙂

Funny enough, I do sometimes consider getting a tattoo. Don’t think it’ll happen but I guess you never know.

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