3 Organizations to Consider for Community Service in Los Angeles

1. Reading to Kids

Reading to Kids is at the top of my list of recommendations. You can visit their website to register for monthly "reading clubs" hosted at several elementary schools across the county. The service is exactly what it sounds like - reading to kids! When you arrive, you'll get assigned to a classroom where you and your group will read the assigned book to the students and then help them complete a related activity. This organization also accepts book donations so lend a hand however you can!

2. St. Francis Center

This community center offers a wide range of programs that are sure to fit your interests. Between open pantries and hot meals, exercise classes for seniors, and hygiene services for the homeless, St. Francis Center does comprehensive work to support people in their time of need. They even offer resources to help community members obtain government identification, find affordable housing options, or secure legal assistance. With such a high volume of activity, volunteers are always needed here!

3. LA Regional Food Bank

LA's hunger crisis is a big one, but LA Regional Food Bank does a lot to combat its effects. Volunteers here will be assigned to work in one of several groups tasked with sorting or packaging food donations. This organization has partners that assist with food distribution, so serving here is something to consider if you enjoy hands-on work and do not have a preference for direct contact with the people you're serving. There is also an option to volunteer remotely by assembling homemade hygiene kits for drop off at a food distribution site. The food bank is an especially fun place to visit with a group, so invite your neighbors and friends out for a day of service!