Meagan Lane



Meagan Lane

An open letter to you:

You're gonna love it here.

I'm an award-winning speaker. A sometimes model.
Intrepid world traveler. (And believe it or not, an introvert!)

But the way I serve is what matters.

As an empathic creative, everything I do is driven by integrity and authenticity. Bottom line: you shouldn’t have to choose between being your complete self and having a seat at the table. Matter of fact, you ARE the damn table. And you can’t afford to treat your full potential like a dream or an option.


But I get it. Nobody really teaches us what we’re supposed to be doing before expecting us to figure out and keep it together. You’re right about something else, too: personal development is about more than power poses and morning routines. The bigger picture is building identity, creating connections, enhancing your lifestyle, and maximizing your impact…and that’s not something any degree can buy.


I became a coach to meet the unmet need for conscientious resources that create tangible results - all for breakthrough-bound women who are *itching* with the feeling of being destined for more.

Meagan Lane
Meagan Lane
join the family!

So happy to have you!


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ugh, that new attitude looks so good on you!

Meagan Lane
Meagan Lane

oh, and I write a little